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Crocs Style

Crocs come in a variety of styles.  

Beach The original Croc that elevated the brand to byword status, the Beach shoes is fashioned from the patented Croslite material that is valued for its lightweight, sweat-resistant qualities. Can be worn with the strap on, or “clog-style” with an open ankle.  

Crocs Beach

Aspen/Endeavour Like the Beach, only for work, the Aspen has a fully enclosed body and a comfortable sole. They are popular with employees in the health and catering industries.  

Mary Jane An easy-to-wear sandal that is more subdued than the Beach, but still has the convenience of a Crocslite shoe.

Mary Janes

Prima Our “ballerina-style” Prima shoes are more subdued again. The slide-on, slid-off shoes come in a limited colour range.


Georgie Winter doesn’t mean a season away from Crocs. Georgies are our attention-grabbing boots that will brighten up the wettest, muddiest day.


Islander Our first “formal” Croc, the Islander combines a Croslie body with an imitation-leather upper. There is a variety of colours available.


All Terrain Our latest “formal” Croc, the All Terrain has an imitation-leather upper and a hole-free body for when other varieties of Crocs would look out of place.

All Terrain

Off Road The chunky sole will last a long time. The Off Road is an attention-grabbing, masculine Croc that is popular with fishermen and camping enthusiasts.

Off Road

Hydro Like the name says, this is the aquatic Croc. The PCCR and waterproof upper will withstand the water, while the elasticised grip will keep the shoes on your feet regardless of the conditions.


Athens The thing grows up. Attention-grabbing Crocs colours meet Croc convenience with these bright flip-flops



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